PR Newswire has been a valuable service to journalists since its founding in 1954, providing the raw material for news quickly, credibly and directly into their hands through its cutting-edge networks. We are the source of accurate, credible and reliable information from organizations worldwide.

Over 70,000 journalists access PR Newswire's content online from its exclusive media web sites, while more than 22,000 media outlets receive the content from other channels.

With PR Newswire you will be able to:

  • Receive press releases through our media-only website

    PR Newswire for Journalists (PRNJ) is our award winning website designed for media only, qualified journalists can set up customized profiles to receive releases based on their preferences, access to hi-res photos on Newscom, media-only content such as media advisories/embargoed releases. Journalists can also share releases to various social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or to their own blogs on Blogger or WordPress. Sign up to receive our news now.

  • Look for industry experts

    We connect reporters and bloggers with expert sources via our free interactive newsgathering tools ProfNet, which provides media an exclusive access to a database of industry specialists where interview enquiries can be directly sent.

  • Publish custom content for your website or blog

    Whether you have a general information portal or a blog dedicated to a niche audience, we can build a news feed to match your content needs. You can provide your visitors with fresh news targeted to their interests distributed directly from a trusted news source.

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