Monitoring & Analytics

Monitoring & Insights

Monitor across millions of conversations happening online, or on broadcast, print, and social channels to gain valuable insights about your audience and your brand.

Monitoring & Analytics

As media data becomes more fragmented, the ability to extract valuable insights is becoming more challenging. Some of the common problems businesses face include:

  • Collecting comprehensive data related to the media in a timely manner.
  • Summarizing key media data and turning them into actionable business insights.
  •  Identifying and reporting all types of sensitive and negative information in a timely manner.
  • Gathering comprehensive analyses of PR value, industry benchmarks, and competitive insights.

To address the above challenges, Cision's global media monitoring platform helps your company collect real-time information across online, broadcast, print, and social media channels.

69 Languages
3M+ Validated data delivered daily
196+ Countries
Cision Communications Cloud

Cision Communications Cloud® - Global Media Monitoring & Analytics

A comprehensive media monitoring and analysis platform that collects real-time data across online, broadcast, print, and social media channels to help companies gain actionable business insights.  The platform also helps companies build relationships with the key influencers driving conversations in their target markets, capturing the right audience for their brand’s message. 

China Media Monitoring (CMM)

China Media Monitoring (CMM)

The CMM platform provides companies with Chinese media monitoring and analysis to help companies gain insights and accurately assess their communications performance.


Measure the impact of Earned Media coverage from view to purchase with digital precision that captures real audience attributes, behaviors and conversion.

CISION Insights

The Insights services - a quantitative measurement programs, visualization, and qualitative media analysis from a global team of industry experts, provides strategic and actionable insights to manage media relations, reputation and issues.

Client Stories

  • Incheon Global Campus Showcases the Future of Higher-Education with Multimedia Communications

    We are delighted to have PR Newswire as a distribution partner to amplify our reach globally with our first international communication campaign. PR Newswire’s Multimedia News Release helps us to deliver our messages in a more interactive and effective way. Download >

    —— Incheon Global Campus
  • LG Highlights Longstanding Passion for Design and Innovation through PR Newswire’s Multimedia News Release Distribution

    It was the first time the head office in South Korea sent out a multimedia release. It was a good try as we could engage our target audiences with visuals including videos, as well as localise the release in multiple languages to boost engagement and media pickups. We would like to thank PR Newswire Korea for making our first multimedia release a success. Download >

    —— LG Group
  • Jakarta Land Takes the Lead in Embarking on Multimedia Communications for Indonesia Real Estate Industry

    We wanted to use a different communication approach and decided to work with PR Newswire even though we were unsure what to expect at the beginning. Fortunately, PR Newswire was able to work seamlessly with us and facilitate our requests by providing professional inputs and suggestions. It is very satisfying to see our news release can be shared globally in just a click away. Download >

    —— Jakarta Land
  • How ANX Leverages PR Newswire’s Media Network For A Successful Product Launch

    By leveraging PR Newswire’s extensive and credible media network, our story was published verbatim in hundreds of media outlets across Asia. PR Newswire was able to bring our company great benefits on a global scale! Download >

    —— ANX International
  • Manulife Singapore

    PR Newswire's services complemented our efforts to reach out to the relevant media with its wide range of on-boarded media outlets. Without this service, some media outlets might not have been accessible to us. Download >

    —— Manulife Singapore