Measure the impact of Earned Media coverage from view to purchase with digital precision that captures real audience attributes, behaviors and conversion.

Claim PR's piece of the marketing budget! See how Earned Media impacts your website’s views and clicks.


Attribute website traffic that was influenced by the comms team. Identify key pages that signify value to leadership and prove Earned Media's influence.


Take credit for sign-ups and form submissions driven by a press release or earned media. Provide true signup numbers attributed to Earned Media.

Revenue Attribution

Take ownership of revenue-generating activities like demo requests or shopping cart completions. Justify budget increases with real influence on the bottom line.

Other Website Conversions

Get creative! Any owned web page can be tracked with indirect conversions attributed to comms’ influence and earned media's audience.

With Cision Impact, comms professionals can now track key calls-to-action taken by their earned influencers and end audiences and claim metrics that were previously attributed to their colleagues in paid and owned.